Exploring Australia in Different Ways

There is no one right way to explore Australia. The terrain and the country itself is so varied that that you actually need a few different means of travel to see it all. Let’s look at some of the best ways to get around when you want to see what Australia has to offer.

Tour Bus

The simplest and, therefore, the most popular method of getting around in a tour of Australia is to take a bus. You can travel easily with a group of people and see the major sights that are part of the tour. Your guide can call out the famous landmarks and give you some history of what you are looking at. But when you are part of a tour bus tour, you have to work with the schedule that is already set up. Most of them operate on a pretty tight schedule.

By Horse

If you want a bit more freedom, you can take a riding tour. These are ideal for some of the more rugged areas of Australia, such as the national parks and trails. The pace is decided as much by the tour guide as it is by the horses themselves, and you can expect to move at a relaxed pace and have time to soak in all the sights and sounds of the outdoors.

images1Chauffeured Car

This tour is all about you. When you ride in a chauffeured car, you get to set the schedule. This kind of tour is most ideal for the big cities- Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and the like. You can take your time and stay for as long as you want at all the sights. But keep in mind that the chauffeur is on the clock. You’ll be paying for those extra minutes gazing at architecture.

Preparing Yourself for Australian Tours

So you’re planning to go touring Australia, one bus ride and one hike at a time? Then you need to prepare yourself, because it’s not really like any other place on Earth.

Get the Cash Ready


This could apply to any tour anywhere, really, but you need to be prepared with some money. You may have set aside only enough money for the tour itself, but if you do that you may end up being miserable. Have you considered your meals and how you are going to pay for them? Perhaps you thought you would bring a lunch, but if you do that, then you will miss out on some of the local delicacies that the tour might stop at.

Many tours take time to stop for lunch, and if you’re only going to be visiting the country for a short while, you would be doing yourself a disservice by not checking out the local eateries.

And while you may have carefully prepared your spending amounts ahead of time, you need to consider that you might find something you like along the way. If you haven’t brought any spare cash with you, then you may end up regretting it. Many people plan to spend no additional money on their tours, but then enjoy themselves so much that they want to buy a keepsake of their journey. If this will be your only visit to Australia for a long time, you might regret not getting something to remember it by.

Get Your Body Ready

Someof the best tours in Australia are by foot. They might not be for everyone, but most tour guides will walk at a relaxed pace to allow for everyone time to stay together or catch up. Even so you should make sure you are in shape for the tour, as you will enjoy it more. And if you don’t feel like you are in good enough shape for a walking tour, then you may miss out on some of the great things Australia has to offer. There are bunches of flora and fauna you won’t find anywhere else, and it would be a real shame to miss them just because you aren’t up for some walking.

You can get some help too. If you are overweight, you might want to consider using a weight loss supplement like Garcinia. This product is proven to help lose weight fast and reduce appetites to make keeping the weight off even easier. Garcinia is one of the fastest ways to safely lose weight.

You could also become more fit by dong daily exercise. Just a half hour of strenuous activity a day can get your body in the shape it needs to be. And if you plan on doing some walking in Australia, then you might want to try some walking at home to prepare yourself.

You don’t want your tour to be lousy just because you were not prepared. So take some time to save up money and get yourself in shape, and you are bound to get a lot more out of your Australian tours than you otherwise would.

What Visitors Should Expect on Their Australian Tour

If you have never been to Australia before and you plan to visit, you should definitely invest in a guided tour. There are a number of tours available, each with their own routes, packages and deals. And a tour is a great way to experience parts of Australia you might not have taken the opportunity to see on your own.

Enjoy the Unique Sights

Australia is a country that is also its own continent. That means there are tons of indigenous flora and fauna here that you won’t see anywhere else. Koalas, kangaroos, and even some animals that don’t start with “k” can only be found here in the wild. So if you’re just planning a tour of the major cities like Sydney and Perth, then you’ll be missing out on some of the splendour that you’d only find in Australia.

The country also has a range of different environment. From tropical beaches to sandy deserts to mountainous areas, you can find a variety of colour and different types of locations to see. The country is huge, and you won’t see it all in a single tour. If you have a chance, you should take multiple tours to give yourself an opportunity to enjoy a large sampling of what Australia has to offer.

Enjoy the Atmosphere

The people of Australia are known for being friendly and hospitable, and you’ll likely experience a great deal of that while you are here. They are used to tourists in their largest cities, and many of them are happy to offer directions to those who have lost their way. For many visitors, it is odd for them to encounter such friendly faces in an unfamiliar place, and they are pleasantly surprised by the way they are treated by the local people.


You might also notice a different kind of power supply on many building. The Australians take their renewable energy seriously, and you can see the effects of a society that embraces alternative sources of energy. The most prominent of these is likely solar power. Solar panels can be seen on numerous buildings, both in the large cities and out in the rural areas.

This is how the country copes with diminishing resources, increased fuel prices and its own desire to be environmentally conscious about the way they produce and consumer energy. While you are there, you might be expected to be environmentally friendly as well.



Tips for Touring Australia

As we made our way through Australia, we saw a lot of great things. There are sights and stories we want to share with everyone. But we also came back wiser. We learned a lot about a new place we had not experienced before, and we wanted to let others know about what to expect and how to get the most out of their time there. So without further ado, here are some tips for people getting ready to tour Australia.

Gryphon Garage Doors

Gryphon Garage Doors

Code of Conduct

When you visit someplace new, there is the urge to just go everywhere and look at everything, but you have to remember you are a stranger in a place that is someone else’s home. You should act the same way you would in a stranger’s house- considerate and respectful and keeping your distance from their “stuff” as much as possible. Yes, there are some great photo ops you might want to take advantage of, but you have to remember that you are in a place where some behaviors may be frowned upon.

The same way you wouldn’t want a visitor coming to your house and poking behind your garage door and looking through all your personal stuff and taking pictures with your car and at your workshop, the places you visit will appreciate it if you stick to the designated areas and try not to poke around or climb up where you aren’t supposed to.

Make sure you ask before you take photos of people. We found the Australians to be mostly very friendly and outgoing, but you still need to make sure it’s okay to photograph somebody. If they say “no” then respect that.

Also, don’t feed the animals when you are out camping or at the zoo. If this is your first time in Australia, then you probably aren’t familiar with these animals’ diets, and you could make them very sick.

Things to See

There are some things everyone knows they have to see in Australia if they have the opportunity. Most people will want to check out Sydney and some of its unique architecture. The cities of Perth and Cairns rank as close seconds for people wanting to get a taste of the culture and lifestyles of the people of Australia. But you should not be afraid to get out in nature and see how the non-human inhabitants are living.

A camping trip in a national park or a nature trail tour can be just the thing to give you a unique experience that many people will never have. You get to see a very different side of the country from what is in the cities, and you will also have the opportunity to take some spectacular photos.

There’s more to Australia than the souvenir shops and museums, and you’d be doing yourself a disservice not to check them out.